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8 Miles High

6… 7… 8… Whats the difference?

2!!! The difference is 2!!!! 2 Miles!

I was supposed to run 6 miles today. Actually, I was supposed to run 6 miles on Monday. (I say “supposed to” like I have some kind of training plan or something. I don’t. I just tell myself what to do next and then I do it.) So after hurting my shoulder in our game on Sunday, I didn’t think a 6 mile run was a great choice, and I was already feeling pretty stiff and sore from the game. So I pushed my 6 mile run back until today. I was planning on running the 6 miles at St. Marks trail today, where I usually run on Wednesdays, however I ended up running 8 miles.


Ya see, the trail follows the old railroad tracks along Woodville Highway and I like running there because there’s a nice wall of foliage separating the paved trail from the road, so you don’t feel like you’re sucking down smog as you jog (haaaa! I love when I rhyme!), and they also have mile markers (and .5 mile markers) so you know exactly how far you have gone… or still have to go. At least they have mile and .5 mile markers until you hit the 3 mile mark. Apparently you’re on your own from there.

So my original plan was to run to the 3 mile marker, and I  had decided in the car on the way there that if I was feeling really good that I would run to the 3.5 marker and then turn around and try to make it a 7 miler. Going .5 mile farther before turning around doesn’t seem like that much farther, but in a down-and-back run it adds a whole mile to your distance. Unfortunately, once I passed the 3 mile marker, that was all I ever saw. In fact I ended up in a Woodville neighborhood, which wasn’t the most comforting place to be knowing I likely couldn’t outrun a 3-legged dog at that point. I finally decided that I had at least gone 3.5 miles so I turned around and headed back.

The last mile of that run was brutal. And to make matters worse I couldn’t figure out the darn watch I bought (it’s a children’s watch, shouldn’t take a highly skilled individual to get the stopwatch function to work, right?) so I don’t even know how long it took me or what my pace was. I do know that I ran the last 3 miles in just under 30 minutes, so I ended at about a 10min/mile pace.

After the run, I walked into a little field of power lines to cool down because I felt like I was going to pass out and I figured I’d rather hit the grass than the concrete if I fainted. Then I was determined to find out how far I ran, so I drove down the highway next to the trail until I got to the crossroad where I turned around during my run. The distance one way was about 4.2 miles, but the road curves a little more than the trail, so I think its safe to say I ran pretty close to 8.0 miles.

All in all it was a solid run, and I’m pretty stoked that I ran the 8 miles with only one break of about a minute when I was trying to figure out where in the world I was, especially considering that the 5 miles I ran last Wednesday was the farthest I had ever run up until that point. A 3 mile jump for this week makes me feel pretty accomplished 🙂 Aiming for 10 miles next week!


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