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That’s right kids. I received my first Valentine’s gift (other than those from my Mom) this year.

The delivery was a little late… but look what came my way today!!

Ain’t he cute?? I thought it was a very heartfelt gift ūüėČ

Bet you’re wondering who he came from huh?

Me too.

It’s a mystery!

I was actually on my way to this place…

to do some reading. Relaxing. Praying. Thinking.

However, on the drive to the park, that little hunk of burnin’ love swooped down and got wrapped around one of the side view mirrors of my car! It scared me at first, but I quickly rolled down the passenger window and grabbed the little sucker before he could fly away again.

So my little love heart came to the park with me to keep me company. Aren’t we a cute couple?

It was a beautiful day, and we had a lovely time.

Go ahead, eat your hearts out.

While at the park, I had intended to get a lot of this done:

But instead, a lot of this happened:

Not going to complain too much about that though.

It was cool enough to snuggle under a blanket, but the sun was warm on my skin when the wind died down. Ahhhh, almost summer.

There was also this awkward, creepy runner man who was jogging around the pond and kept looking at me and my balloon heart and yelling “Thank you!” to me. I was like “uhhhhh”….

Please quit stalking me and my first Valentine. Thanks.

This was the best little surprise ever! Someone, somewhere bought that heart balloon with love, and although maybe not intentionally, I ended up with it. It made my heart skip a beat. I hope your Valentine’s day made you smile this much!


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This is going to be a really good Monday. I can tell.

Already this morning I’ve had a wonderful conversation with my bff Jen Darty who plays vball in South Carolina. We ¬†may not see each other as much as we used to, or get to talk all the time, but I love catching up with her. It’s the easy kind of friendship that doesn’t require ¬†a ton of effort. I know she’s busy, and she knows I’m busy, and we just love each other.¬†

Also, I am currently munching on my new fav: Cinnamon Chex! If you haven’t noticed lately, most varieties of Chex are gluten free (except for the whole wheat ones… obviously) and they even say “Gluten Free!” on the box now! One small step for cereal, one giant leap for Celiacs worldwide. The cinnamon kind taste EXACTLY like Cinnamon Toast Crunch (the taste you can see!) which was my childhood favorite. So this is definitely brining me back. And its way healthier. Want to try them? Here’s a coupon! Speaking of which…


ME GUSTA COUPONING! No sure what that means? Learn about it here, or here. The basic idea is to use coupons from the Sunday paper, or coupons that you find and print online when local stores are having their specials and sales. Yes, you can use a coupon on an item that is already on sale. In fact, a good couponer will use a store coupon as well as a manufacturer coupon on an item that is already on sale and pay literally a fraction of the regular cost. It takes some practice, planning and getting used to, but with a little effort and patience you can really save a lot. I have been stocking up on coupons form the paper for the past few weeks and printing the ones I need from online, and last week really saw my work pay off. I did some shopping at a few stores to get items that I needed at a great price. I wish my digital camera was in working order so I could take pictures of the receipts, then you might believe me more but here is the breakdown of my savings: at Publix I spent $31.69 and saved $29.36! Oh yeah. At CVS I paid $51.92 and saved $30.83 and at Walgreens I paid $16.38 and saved a whopping $26.37!! Thats right, at Walgreens I saved more than I spent! Interested now?? Thats is a combined total of $86.56 in savings last week ūüôā Me gusta. You should try it out.¬†


What I liked about this past weekend:

Babysitting Samantha and Josie, daughters of one of the members of the Country Club where I work. Josie told me that she was Princess Leia for Halloween… her mom put bagels on her head for the buns. So precious.¬†


At work Friday the cart girl didn’t show up, so Dale, the pro-shop manager asked Kelly and I to take a cart out and get some orders for the golfers. We ended up driving around the course about 4 times, taking and running orders for over an hour. It was the most beautiful day and we had just been talking about wanted to see the course, something neither of us had ever done. Plus the boys had to finish bussing our tables and had to start resetting upstairs without us. Ha.¬†


Going to AJ’s Saturday night, with plans to dance the night away, only to find out that it is fight night and the place was packed out with people that only wanted to watch some dudes punch each other. No dancing. No fun.¬†


Making up for the lack of entertainment at AJ’s by going to a party at Dylan’s house, one of the cooks at the country club. I was having a great time making friends with Dylan’s punk crowd, but Kelly got thrown up on by a boy named Gerard. Bummer.¬†


Got to see my parents again! They stopped in Tallahassee on their way to Atlanta. We went to Outback. Mmmmm. 


Playing with the babies in Well Kids Sunday morning. Luke said “ball”!¬†


Last night at church Dean’s sermon was about Sex. Dun dun dun. Yes, we talked about sex at church. You can check it out here. The band also rocked out with some tonic to open up the service. Love that song.¬†



I am going to clean out my closet today and get ride of a bunch of clothes I never wear. Out with the old, in with the new!





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Me Gusta Monday!

As  promised. 

There are a great number of things in in the past week or two that I like. Top of the list:

april fall

April’s ultimate fail. And ultimate fall. It was PRICELESS. She was actually running across this small stage, toward the couch lauren and I were sitting on and tripped over a low lying coffee table . “It blended in with the floor!” she claims. (She actually is right, I watched another girl trip over it about 10 minutes before she did.) Nonetheless, I have never seen someone fall so hard so fast. It was like a giant magnet in the couch sucked her face into contact at maximum speed. Kudos Ape… kudos.

Here are some of the other reasons I love mi familia and why I love going home:


Our backyard is a little like paradise. Sonya painted the deck to look like tiles. Yes, painted… with a paintbrush. Or maybe a sponge.¬†


I get to check on my Mango trees!!! I once climbed a tree in Stuart to gather mangoes, and planted the seeds from three of them about two years ago. 


Can’t wait till these puppies start producing mangoes! Grow bebes, grow!


My dad makes Strawberry Margaritas with 100% Agave tequila so I can have one. 


He also makes the WORLDS BEST homemade ice cream. The recipe has been perfected. Jealous.


And my Madre bought me Gluten-free cookies and caramel for this masterpiece! I devoured it in 4.3 seconds. Not really because if you know me at all you know it takes me 8 hours to eat ice cream. But I ate it pretty fast considering it was ice cream. 


I get to look at this view a lot. I suspect only my sissy will understand this one.


My parents teach me a lot. Like how to be innovative and resourceful. 

And last but certainly not least…


I got to see my Gramie and Grampa! And Nana, Tom, and Uncle Phil (not pictured)! 


And now on to Tuesday. The worst day of the week. No me gusta. 


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Me Gusta Mondays

Ahh another fun filled Monday.. NOT. 

I had to go to the dentist today. And I had a migraine all day. Womp womp. Pretty much the only productive thing I did today was bake some gluten free brownies. They weren’t nearly as good as the brownies Beth Button made for me, but still satisfied my sweet tooth for the day.¬†

I have to admit though that going to Dr. Hamilton Clark was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. He told me I am the third Peace Corps Applicant he has seen this month already, so he has been very helpful throughout. I have never had my teeth cleaned by the actual Doctor, but Dr. Clark did my cleaning, exam and X-rays, the dental hygenist seemed to just be there to chat. 

This past weekend we had our “One Night Stand” fall retreat with The Well¬†at St. George Island. Here are the things I liked about this event and the rest of the past week:

Communicating primarily through walkie-talkies on the island. Over. 


Me gusta BONFIRES. Kudos to the boys who drove around the island gathering wood and rocking chairs to burn. 


Photo shoots with my bff/significant other. We make a really cute couple, if I do say so myself. 


No me gusta the cold morning weather, but me gusta mucho scenery like this:


Having Matthew’s camera in my hands all weekend brought back so many memories of the photography I used to do in high school. It reminded me how much I miss having that creative outlet. Hopefully he will let me¬†commandeer¬†his camera again for the next Well event.¬†


Me gusta going home with $52 in bar tips after working a wedding Friday night at the country club. 


Going out with my 6’1″ friend Mira last Wednesday… in heels. I usually don’t wear heels out, but seeing as we are both so tall anyway, we decided to dominate the dance floor in some stilettos. It was so much fun. One boy literally bowed down to me. I die.¬†


Leaving Well kids after the morning service yesterday with my shirt covered in snot, tears and drool from the babies. The scene went something like this: Me bouncing two screaming, crying baby boys JJ and Ryan, while April is trying to soothe baby Lyla who is hysterical for no apparent reason, while our favorite Luke sits on the floor deciding whether or not he wants to join in on the waterworks action. At one point in time we had 5 crying babies to hold between the two of us. Yes, I still want 7 babies. 


Baptisms! My good friend Rebecca took the plunge yesterday after the evening service at church. We were so excited for her to publicly proclaim the her faith in Christ. Too bad it was like 50 degrees out. More power to her. 


Its been a good week, I’m excited to get the rest of my medical and dental forms finished and signed this week so that I can’t send everything in to the PC office. Next up: Formal Invitation! Oh patience.

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Me Gusta Mondays

I don’t have class Monday. Or Friday. Its brilliant. So I’d like to take this time to recap my favorite moments from the past few days. Things I love about this weekend:¬†


Intentionally walking into TCBY instead of driving thru, solely to request samples all new yogurt flavors. 

My roomate the “song-killer” blasting Miley and Fireflies on repeat.


 Little kids and adults alike staring at us in restaurants because we are eating with Santa & Mrs. Claus. 


Teenage boys sitting behind us at the game giggling because they see Santa & Mrs. Claus.

Frozen margaritas at Los Compadres. 

Gluten free Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies courtesy of Mama Cammack… and my brother sneaking them into the football game for me in his pants.¬†

Listening to Sufjan Stevens sing my favorite song and smelling the coffee brewing downstairs while getting ready for church. 

Violinist joining the worship team at The Well.

Having the BEST¬†cappuccino¬†blast EVER for Sunday’s post-breakfast dessert.

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