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Today has been one of those days…

where I just can’t get a grip on what day it is. I’ve been thinking it was Thursday all day. Still feels like Thursday. Maybe because I don’t have class on Fridays so tomorrow is like my Friday, which by postulation makes my Wednesdays into Thursdays?

Decided that I’m going to visit my brother this weekend! Brother Bear turns 20 on Friday (which is NOT tomorrow). I can’t believe how old he is!! When did my little Reevies get so big? He is no longer a teenager. Which, by postulation, means that I am a few years past being a teenager. Jeesh. Time flies.

Whitney.. you are SUPER old.

Its an 8(ish) hour drive to Greenwood, SC. Anyone up for quick road trip? Anyone want to lend me a car-charger for my ipod? Or a book on CD perhaps?

Can’t decide if I should apply to graduate with a BA or BS. Do I want my degree in being a Bada$$ or in Bull$h!t? Either seems fitting, considering my majors. International Affairs? BS. Anthropology? BA. Toughie.

Missed the WEEZER concert to go to 45 mintues of practice in the rain. Sometimes… I just hate you, Jimminy Cricket.

Leaving practice soaking wet because of rain, not sweat, counts as a shower, right?

The bulk section of New Leaf is going to be my downfall. Accidentally took home a small baggie of organic dark chocolate chips today. There are a few left…. I justify my actions by repeating that they were organic, dark chocolate chips.

I am looking forward to working tomorrow evening, only because I finally get the chance to wear my new black work pants. I am, however, annoyed that I will have to miss kick-boxing, and probably practice as well.

I am so looking forward to our first lacrosse games of the season, and the Well’s “One Night Stand“. Just wish they weren’t on the same weekend.

It’s frustrating that I am going all the way to South Carolina, but won’t be seeing Jen or Kelly 😦 Greenwood is in such an inconvenient location.


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Me Gusta Monday!

As  promised. 

There are a great number of things in in the past week or two that I like. Top of the list:

april fall

April’s ultimate fail. And ultimate fall. It was PRICELESS. She was actually running across this small stage, toward the couch lauren and I were sitting on and tripped over a low lying coffee table . “It blended in with the floor!” she claims. (She actually is right, I watched another girl trip over it about 10 minutes before she did.) Nonetheless, I have never seen someone fall so hard so fast. It was like a giant magnet in the couch sucked her face into contact at maximum speed. Kudos Ape… kudos.

Here are some of the other reasons I love mi familia and why I love going home:


Our backyard is a little like paradise. Sonya painted the deck to look like tiles. Yes, painted… with a paintbrush. Or maybe a sponge. 


I get to check on my Mango trees!!! I once climbed a tree in Stuart to gather mangoes, and planted the seeds from three of them about two years ago. 


Can’t wait till these puppies start producing mangoes! Grow bebes, grow!


My dad makes Strawberry Margaritas with 100% Agave tequila so I can have one. 


He also makes the WORLDS BEST homemade ice cream. The recipe has been perfected. Jealous.


And my Madre bought me Gluten-free cookies and caramel for this masterpiece! I devoured it in 4.3 seconds. Not really because if you know me at all you know it takes me 8 hours to eat ice cream. But I ate it pretty fast considering it was ice cream. 


I get to look at this view a lot. I suspect only my sissy will understand this one.


My parents teach me a lot. Like how to be innovative and resourceful. 

And last but certainly not least…


I got to see my Gramie and Grampa! And Nana, Tom, and Uncle Phil (not pictured)! 


And now on to Tuesday. The worst day of the week. No me gusta. 


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Family Matters

I love my family. A lot. And for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is because they are just darn funny people.

My dad and I can’t be in the same room for long without cracking ourselves up when he says “do do” in a sentence, or when he emphasizes the syllables in “let’s not” so that it sounds like “let’s snot”. (We then proceed to chase Sonya around the kitchen pretending we are going to shoot snot at her. Too much information?) Yes, this is stupid humor… we are aware. 

I was just informed that my mother is taking sign language classes so that she can be better abled to work with students that have trouble communicating, like the two autistic students she had in her class one year. I asked her to say (or sign, i guess) something to me… and here’s what I got. She pointed at me, then swept her right hand, fingers spread, in front of her face, then brushed the fingers of her right hand back and forth on her left palm. “Your face is soft?” I guessed. “You are a beautiful painting.” she replied. Then laughed at the thought. Apparently that was a joke. Thanks Mom. 

There are a lot more reason why I love them. I will update with a Me Gusta Monday tomorrow to cover all the things I liked about this weekend and the past week. Maybe even the past two weeks since its been a while…

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