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If you are here looking for an update on my Peace Corps status check out my new blog: www.megsinsenegal.com!!


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9 complete days left in Tallahassee.

12 days until my brother will move into my room.

I am so excited to read so many books in Africa.

26 days until I leave for Peace Corps orientation in VA.

28 days until I will be on my way to Dakar, Senegal.

After 22 years, 8 months, and 13 days of life… I learned that the word candid means open, blunt and sincere… not hidden, covert or deceitful. Learn something new everyday.

I just realized that I am almost 23 and that kind of blew my mind.

Dogs that sleep like this are my favorite:

This was one of the most satisfying things I’ve eaten in a while. GF peanut butter cupcake.

I have no motivation to put any of my clean laundry away because I know I am just going to have to pack it up or give it away within the next week.

In less than a month I am going to be living on another CONTINENT.

Seriously considering getting a (or two) tattoo(s) before I leave. Mom, if you read this, don’t disown me. Dad, if you read this… don’t tell Mom.

My stomach hurts. I know why. It was my fault. That’s so annoying.

There are only two things that make me the least bit sad/apprehensive about going to Senegal for 27 months. 1) I will miss out on a lot of really great things happening in the lives of my family and friends. 2) Having a disease that can adversely affect my digestive system may not be very much fun in a third world country where toilets don’t exist.

Nitrous Oxide is quite possibly the most wonderful compound besides O2 and H2O.

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